Organizational Wellness through A Corporate Wellness Program

Your company is successful because you have good people who do great work. The problem is sometimes the price of that success is stress.

Stress hits your bottom line through lower productivity and higher healthcare costs. But it hits your people harder. It saps their energy and focus, weakens their immune systems, and damages their health.

That's why your company needs deliver me wellness.

Our corporate wellness programs deliver big returns on small investments, in the health and productivity of your people, and in the profitability of your company.

We don't just bring wellness programs to you. We also adapt them to fit your organization's schedule, budget, and culture and the unique people who work for you.

Our programs address the root cause of stress and work/life balance.

Let us deliver...

  1. Live Great Workshops to engage, inspire and support ways to live and work well.
  2. Onsite and OnLIVE Yoga™ classes to renew and refocus groups large and small.
  3. OnLIVE Mindfulness Classes to learn easy skills to manage stress.
  4. NMT@Work™ to relax and heal through chair massage.

We're passionate about wellness and want to be your partners in health and business.